Zarmanazan 2020

For ages 10-17 and participants of the INALCO program:
July 12 to August 7

For ages 18-24: July 9 to August 8

Zarmanazan offers an experience that promotes gatherings and interactions between all participants. Each “Zarmanazanian” will have the opportunity to learn from one another and develop friendships while living, for a few weeks, in an enriching and unique Western Armenian immersion environment.

Zarmanazan ages 10-17 and 18-24

The children, adolescents and young adults will participate in various workshops adapted to their age, these include: music, performing arts, self expression, visual arts and crafts, creative writing, literature reading, audiovisual arts, debates, games and sports all offered by a team of talented, expert facilitators.

Each participant is an actor of the community life, for one’s self and for the others. They take responsabilities and play an important role in all aspects of Zarmanazan’s daily life.

In addition to common activities, the participants will create, discover, learn, and have fun while totally immersed in the Western Armenian Language. As a result of this immersion, language will become a natural means of communication and creation.
Zarmanazan is open to children, adolescents and young adults from the Armenian Diaspora.
The number of participants is limited to 60.
Please note an intermediate level of Armenian proficiency is required for the participants aged 15 and up.

Intensive university diploma programme for Western Armenian teachers

As part of the “Teaching Western Armenian in the Diaspora” diploma offered by the Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales (INALCO) in Paris, fifteen teachers will follow an intensive program that combines expert direction with practical training, interactive lectures, and the latest pedagogical approaches and materials.

Click on this link for more information about the program:

Teaching Armenian in the Diaspora

Beyond the Zarmanazan Grounds

All of the participants will have the opportunity to discover the French-Swiss Region of the Alps through various weekly, group excursions.

Our partner organizations

  • The Armenian Communities Department of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisbon, Portugal)
    Formerly named the department for the Middle East, The Armenian Communities Department was setup in 1956 by two executors of the Founder’s will, Kevork Essayan, Gulbenkian’s son-in-law, and José de Azeredo Perdigão, the first Chairman of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.’ The mission of the Department is “To create a viable future for the Armenian people in which its culture and language are preserved and valued.” One of the four program priority areas from its Five Year Plan is to promote the preservation of the Armenian Language and culture and to aid in the development of the diaspora by linking its different parts and investing in education.
  • L’association Mille et un mondes (Lyon, France)
    “Mille et un mondes” is a French non-profit organization (under the law of 1901), whose aim is to develop the practice of the Armenian Language in a bilingual approach and create, based on principles of cross-culturalism, cultural, scientific, and sport activities for children between the ages of 3 and 17. The organization is certified by the French Ministry of Youth and Sports, thereby ensuring full compliance of the rules imposed by the State concerning supervision and accommodations for minors.This group organizes activities for children in Armenian Language during holiday seasons in Lyon (France). The organization will be responsible for ensuring that the high standards set by French regulations and norms (such as safety, hygiene, and supervision of the children on site) are met for every participant.
  • Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales (INALCO, Paris, France)
    INALCO is a university where more than 100 languages and cultures are taught. The Armenian studies program, created more than 2 centuries ago, offers the most complete program of studies outside of Armenia. From the newest of students to PhD candidates, INALCO offers a wide variety of academic degrees including Bachelors and Master Degrees with armenological orientation. With the help of Ani Garmiryan, issues with teaching the Armenian Language in the Diaspora have been covered for more than 20 years.

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